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Benefits of Tandem Club Membership
About Our Club
ITR 2013 - Beaufort-en-Vallée
ITR 2013 - Beaufort-en-Vallée
  • Organised events here in the UK and elsewhere
  • Great social riding for couples and families at all levels: 
    • Regionally
    • Nationally
    • Internationally
  • Bi-monthly Journal
  • Members' Only website pages containing information on, for example:
    • Where to purchase a tandem in the UK
    • How to ride a tandem
    • Transporting tandems by car
    • Tools to carry when riding a tandem
    • Buggies for children
    • Carrying kids on tandems
  • Beneficial insurance schemes including personal third party cycling insurance throughout the UK
  • Tandem merchandise
  • Valuable advice on tandeming
  • Competition events
  • Retailer Discount (Member's area)
  • Advice on using trains to transport your tandem

All this and more for just £10:00 per annum 
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TandemClub News

Bike It have offered a 15% discount to members of the Tandem Club.
Details of this and  the Cotswold Outdoor discounts are in the Member's Area of the website.
Do you have a Regional Officer in your area?  If not, why not offer to be one?

Regional Officers act as a local point of contact for the area, welcome new members to the Club and circulate details of rides in the Region.  They do not necessarily lead rides.
List of current Regional Officers.  If your postcode is not represented and you would like further details about becoming the Regional Officer, please contact the Regional Officer Co-ordinator, Roger McNae

Regions News

Group News

Hello Everybody,
I am the new Regional Officer for the Tandem club and I have been given your contact details as members in the Essex and North London area.  One of the things I have been asked to do as Regional Officer is to make more use of the pages that are available to our area on the Tandem Club  web site.
The page can be used to promote group rides as well as ride reports and  photos (once I work out how to upload pictures to the site) or anything else that might interest members in our region.
At the moment we have a very active group in North Essex that go out about once a month but I am not aware of any other regular activity.  As the region is very large it would be great if we could get some rides organised in other areas to go out on a regular basis.
Please let me know if you would like to lead a ride, you might be surprised how many people are willing to travel quite a distance to be with other tandem owners.
Thank you
Vivienne Woodroffe

To find out what the Wessex region is doing, please go to


Documents Page

We're looking for ideas on how best to use the Lancashire area of the Tandem Club website.  One suggestion is for members to create Word/pdf documents of rides they have been on and would recommend to other members of the Tandem Club. 
We will create a Word template that can be used as an outline and create an example document - the rest as they say, is up to you!