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Queuing for the buffet
Queuing for the buffet
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Benefits of Tandem Club Membership
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La Haye-Pesnel
La Haye-Pesnel
  • Organised events here in the UK and elsewhere
  • Great social riding for couples and families at all levels: 
    • Regionally
    • Nationally
    • Internationally
  • Bi-monthly Journal
  • Members' Only website pages containing information on, for example:
    • Where to purchase a tandem in the UK
    • How to ride a tandem
    • Transporting tandems by car
    • Tools to carry when riding a tandem
    • Buggies for children
    • Carrying kids on tandems
  • Beneficial insurance schemes including personal third party cycling insurance throughout the UK
  • Tandem merchandise
  • Valuable advice on tandeming
  • Competition events
  • Retailer Discount (Member's area)
  • Advice on using trains to transport your tandem

All this and more for just £10:00 per annum 
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TandemClub News

Yesterday Dominic Irvine and Charlie Mitchell smashed the 50 years old tandem record of cycling non stop from Lands End to John O'Groats, setting a time of 45 hrs 11 mins and 2 seconds. Beating the original record by 5 hours. They completed this amazing achievement on an Orbit tandem supplied by JD Tandems.

The Tandem Club is moving to a new membership management system. This operates in conjunction with the Club's website and should make it easier for the TC officers to manage the membership and payments and for the members to join and renew.

The system provides for automatic email renewal reminders and on-line membership form filling in and editing for joining and renewals. Postal renewal forms and reminders will also be sent, but if you can supply us with an email address and allow us to email you this will save the Club time and postage costs. The joining and renewal forms provide a field to fill in your email address. For existing members not yet renewing from emailed renewal requests, please let the membership renewals secretary know your email address if you have not supplied one previously or suspect that the email address we have is out of date. Please email your email address to: with your full name and if possible your membership number.

The system supports payments by Credit/Debit cards, Standing Orders, BACS and cheques. Credit/Debit cards is the best for us as it simplifies our administration.

As well as providing membership joining or renewing, the system offers you the option of adding a TC website login account. This login account will allow you personal access to the members-only areas of the website and simplify filling in forms for events etc. Later on more website features may be provided (as our time permits !).
During the change over you may receive renewal emails and/or forms even if you have already renewed. Please be patient - it will take us some time...

There may be issues during the change over, please let us know of any problems and possible improvements and please bear with us during the change.

Information and booking arrangements for the 2015 International Rally in the Czech Republic.
We have changed the membership login to use the main website login boxes on the left hand side. For more info please see: /files/members.html
The range of Club clothing is now complete and members will get a 10% discount for a limited period. 
Bike It have offered a 15% discount to members of the Tandem Club.
Details of this and  the Cotswold Outdoor discounts are in the Member's Area of the website.

Regions News

Group News


The North East Group will be hosting the 2016 National Rally at Kirkley Hall in Northumberland. Offers of help welcome.


It was possibly the hottest day of the year when six tandemists and one recumbent rider forgathered in Stroud for Eddie and Heather’s run  to the river and back. We had tacked ourselves on to the Stroud Valleys Project sponsored bike ride but we saw no crowds of Blokes on Bikes on our route.

We sped off down the hill out of Stroud and coffee was taken somewhat late at the Black Barn on the Sharpness canal where boats floated serenely by and then, it was onwards to Purton Hulks for lunch. . The hulks are 2nd World War barges which were sunk on the embankment of the Severn Estuary to prevent erosion. We sat and burnt in the strong sunshine and identified a few birds and took in the majestic sweep of the river and tried not to think of Berkeley nuclear power station a couple of miles downstream, de-commissioned or not.

As anyone knows, what goes down must climb back up, and so it was. Our return route inevitably involved a climb or two and a tea break at Frocester was well earned. Altogether, nearly 40 miles of unvarying interest were covered and a feeling of satisfaction was engendered in the riders at the end.


There were 4 tandems for the ride in September, although it did rain a little as we set off from Writtle the weather improved as we travelled along the quiet Essex lanes.

The sun was shining when we stopped at Bretts Garfen Centre and it was very pleasant sitting outside and chatting while we consumed our cream teas.


Recently formed group covering all Cornwall and offering sociable not speedy rides!  If you would like to join us,  suggest or organise rides, please contact John & Judith Skinner on 01726 816613 or by e-mail at